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Global Learning Courses

Global Learning Courses
If you are a student who is planning to take part in a Global Practicum (an exchange, direct, or affiliate program), you are invited to make the most of your experiences by also joining three 1-credit courses for before/during/after your time abroad. Read on to learn more about each of the 1-credit courses, and how you will benefit.

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  •  Global Learning: Preparation 

    Global Learning: PreparationGet prepared for you semester abroad! This course will help with you with the planning for both the logistics of the experience and how to make the most of this opportunity abroad. Start down the path of becoming a Global Scholar together with others who're getting ready to go abroad. 

    This 1-credit course is an active one, with a mixture of learning about travel and also learning about yourself and others. Engage with the challenges immersing into a new culture, communication abroad, thinking about how your sense of You is related to your place, your role as a global citizen, and start looking at how you can make this time abroad a strong foundation for your career search down the road.

    If you'd like to take part, sign up in the "Pre-Departure Sessions RSVP" questionnaire in your study abroad application. 

  • Global Learning: Immersion 

    Global Learning: ImmersionMake the most of your time abroad. This course is a place to record your experiences, consider what they might mean, and share you insights with other Global Bison around the world.

    This 1-credit course is a space to decompress and talk about the amazing, surprising, frustrating parts of being abroad, without taking away time from getting out there and experiencing all that your home away from home has to offer. The coursework includes journaling, a series of 2 two-minute flipgrid videos on different topics related to being abroad, and responding to videos from others around the world.

    If you would like to take part, watch your email for details on signing up the semester before you go abroad (or contact your study abroad advisor).
  • Global Learning: Connection 

    Global Learning: ConnectionExpand on your international experience; explore the concepts of global citizenship and how to connect your experiences abroad into your professional and personal life alongside other Global Bison.

    Returning to Fargo, you likely see the world differently and also have come to a different understanding of yourself. This 1-credit course is a place to make use of those insights and energy, and look ahead to what you might want to do next. Use those reflections from abroad to create (or update) an ePortfolio, create a personal expression of your story from abroad, and pay it forward with a Global Citizenship Project that you think makes the world a little bit better.

    If you would like to take part, watch your email for details on signing up when you are returning to campus (or contact your study abroad advisor).
  • The Theory 

    These three courses are based on the Theory of Self-Authorship, which posits that students move from externally-determined meaning making to becoming knowledgable and active participants in understanding their knowledge of the world. These courses are designed to intentionally scaffold this transition, and to help students gain increasing insight and agency throughout and after a study abroad experience. Kolb's Experiential Learning Model (Kolb & Kolb, 2009) is also used as a tool for reflection throughout the courses.


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