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Welcome Home

Welcome Home
Re-Entry Guide.pdf (526 KB)

Welcome Home! We are very excited to have you back at NDSU with us and hope that you enjoyed your time abroad! Living in another country and experiencing a different culture has likely changed your life in multiple ways. New friends, hobbies, interests, and global perspectives may be some of these changes. Sharing your experiences is an important part of returning to the U.S. and can help you realize how valuable studying abroad has been. It is also important for us at the Study Abroad Office to be here for you at this time because we understand that returning home isn't always an easy process. 

This page has been designed for students returning to NDSU and offers tips to help students readjust to life in the U.S., get involved in the international community on campus, and share their unique experiences with other students. Please feel free to come by the Study Abroad Office for a visit. We would love to hear about your time spent abroad!

Welcome Home Party

At the beginning of each semester, we will have a Welcome Back Party for all returned study abroad and NSE students. Enjoy free food from around the world, chat with our office and other study abroad and NSE students about your time abroad, and learn about other global opportunities that will be happening throughout the upcoming semester.

Bison Abroad

Bison Abroad is a NDSU student organization dedicated to sharing and gaining cultural perspectives. It is open to any student with an interest in travel, study abroad, different cultures, or the world. Throughout the semester Bison Abroad members have bi-weekly meetings to discuss different global topics, eat at international restaurants, and share their own global experiences. The group also has an end of the year trip to visit different cultural sites and events that they fundraise for throughout the year. Past destinations have included Seattle, Winnipeg, and Minneapolis. 

Global Learning: Connections

Expand on your international experience; explore the concepts of global citizenship and how to connect your experiences abroad into your professional and personal life alongside other Global Bison.

Returning to Fargo, you likely see the world differently and also have come to a different understanding of yourself. This 1-credit course is a place to make use of those insights and energy, and look ahead to what you might want to do next. Use those reflections from abroad to create (or update) an ePortfolio, create a personal expression of your story from abroad, and pay it forward with a Global Citizenship Project that you think makes the world a little bit better.
If you would like to take part, watch your email for details on signing up when you are returning to campus (or contact your study abroad advisor).

Become a Peer Mentor

Interested in sharing your love for study abroad and learning more about international education? Become a study abroad Peer Mentor! Peer Mentors are returned study abroad students who work in our office to help other students. We send out an email every summer and some Decembers for applications, so watch your email for the application.

Photo Contest

One of the best parts of study abroad is the incredible photos you take that capture memories of your time abroad. Each semester there will be a photo contest with different categories that highlight a different part of the study abroad experience. Winners of the contest will win prize and be highlighted on our social media and outreach materials.