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What to Expect

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Keeping Travel Costs Down

Being a student often means great discounts on travel. That's another reason why your college years are a great time to go abroad! A local travel agent can also help you with your travel arrangements, but be aware that most will charge a fee for their services.

The internet is another place to find great travel deals. If you are in doubt about a particular travel company or service, you can consult your study abroad advisor. Although we don't know everything about all of the travel services out there, we do have a good network of reliable programs and websites that we trust.


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When traveling there are two kinds of calls that you are likely to make: local and international. Often a cell phone or calling service that offers low rates for one option is expensive for the other. When shopping around for the best option for your time abroad, consider using a local cell phone or sim card for local calls and a different service such as Skype for calls home to minimize costs.
Cell Phones   Internet Service
  • NDSU participates in the Eduroam (education roaming) service, which provides you with immediate wireless Internet access when visiting educational institutions that are part of the Eduroam network. More information is available on the NDSU Wireless page, including instructions on how to set up this service.
  • - for all platforms
  • FaceTime - for Mac and iOS
  • WhatsApp - If using a smartphone abroad this app essentially works like a text messaging service. 

Travel Tips




  • Get a Passport in a Hurry
  • Multicultural Student Programs at NDSU - There are a number of multicultural programs at NDSU. Contacting a group could be a good way to learn more about a country's culture, people, or language!
  • Students Abroad - an initiative by the U.S. State Department.
  • Duolingo - Learn a language through this free online and app-based game. Comparable in effectiveness to Rosetta Stone, Duolingo currently offers opportunities for English speakers to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Protugese, Dutch, Irish, Swedish, and Danish...with more on the way!
  • - Youth Vote Overseas works to inspire and assist young American voters, 18-29, who are living permanently or temporarily overseas to participate in the electoral process. We do this by providing online access to innovative voter registration tools and services designed to facilitate the process of registering and receiving the ballot in time to vote in federal elections.
  • TheBisonMarket - Buy and sell items from others on the Bison Market on facebook.