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Returning to NDSU

Preparing Your Return

As you study for your final exams, pack up all your belongings, and prepare to bid farewell to your host school and country consider this list of steps that will aid you in your return to life in the U.S. As you get ready to go:
  1. Write down the contact information of the new friends, teachers, or host family members that you hope to keep in touch with.
  2. Purchase souvenirs and take pictures of your favorite sights.
  3. Copy down your favorite recipes!
  4. Make sure you have registered for next term's classes at NDSU. This may include getting in contact with your advisor through email.
  5. If you are taking part in an Exchange, Direct or Affiliate program, follow the instructions below to make sure that your transcript will be sent to NDSU.

Ordering your Transcript

Before you leave your host school, make sure your host university sends your transcripts directly to the Office of International Student and Study Abroad Services. It must be sent to our office directly by either email or mail. 

EMAIL: Request to have your host school or provider send an official electronic copy to

MAIL: If you are sending by mail, please be sure to use the correct address below for the type of carrier used to send it or it will not arrive. Our theory is that they disappear into a black hole because none ever surface at a later date.

If they are sending it by EXPRESS MAIL:   If they are sending it by REGULAR MAIL:

International Student and Study Abroad Services
Attn: Hailey Freidel
1401 Administration Ave MU 116
Fargo, ND 58102

International Student and Study Abroad Services
Attn: Hailey Freidel
PO Box 6050, Dept 1050
Fargo, ND 58108

If there are classes that you did not have approved for equivalency before you left or while abroad, you can still get them approved. For more information on how, see the Processes After Return page.