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Non-NDSU Students

Non-NDSU Student Info

Thank you for your interest in our study abroad programs. We are happy to assist you in your international journey!

Below is an outline of the process for non-NDSU students who are interested in studying abroad through NDSU. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing or calling (701) 231-7895 to discuss any questions you may have.
  1. Vienna - Tram StopAre you currently attending an NDUS institution? If no, please go to step 2. If yes, you may be able to do collaborative enrollment through your home institution. If you plan to participate in either a winter break or spring break global seminar, then please inquire with your study abroad advisor to verify that will be the best process for you, as opposed to the non-degree process below.
  2. Apply to NDSU as a non-degree student To do this, follow these online instructions.
  3. Search for a program by clicking Program Search on the top right side of the Study Abroad website. There are 4 program types to choose from. Below is a short description, and more information is available on Choosing a Program.
    • Global Seminars - Most global seminar programs will accommodate students from outside of NDSU through the use of hybrid classrooms. A small few may require in-person attendance at class meetings at NDSU. 
    • Exchange - There are two kinds of exchange available: With NDSU Exchange programs, participants pay NDSU tuition and fees as well as the abroad institution's room and board costs; and with an ISEP Exchange participants pay NDSU tuition, fees, room, and board. National Student Exchange (NSE) is not an option for exchange, but you can participate as a direct student, below.
    • Direct and Affiliate - Pay the local university costs or a program fee for your term abroad. When participating on a direct program NDSU tuition is waived and student fees are less than $100 for a semester. 

  4. Apply for your program! Go to the information page for the program you've selected and click the "Apply Now" button to login and begin your application. Be sure to carefully follow the directions provided and complete all required application materials.