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International Studies Major


The International Studies Major (ISM) is a secondary major available to any NDSU student. The ISM is designed to internationalize a student's primary major. Students must plan ahead to complete all the necessary components. When the student graduates, the student will have a double major in their primary major and in International Studies. The major consists of five key components:

Below are the major forms outlining the requirements for the major, including course options, for both the ISM and the area studies option:

ISM Declaration Requirements

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Sophomore standing (27 credits minimum)
  • First year foreign language proficiency (or equivalent)
  • Primary major already declared and at least 3 credits completed in that major

Declaration forms are available in Registration and Records, Ceres 110 or ISM Declaration Form.doc. You must be at least a sophomore to declare the ISM in addition to meeting the remaining requirements.

ISM Advisor

For advising about the International Studies Major, please contact the Director of the ISM, Dr. Jeanne Hageman (Minard Hall 334,, 701-231-8845).

Note: The Study Abroad Advisor and the Office of International Student and Study Abroad Services can do initial consultations with a student interested in the International Studies Major. The office provides fact sheets, ISM Guides and information about international experience options, foreign languages offered through Tri-College, and how to declare the major. We promote the ISM at information fairs, on our website, and during student consultations and class visits. However, Study Abroad Services and the Study Abroad Advisor are not able to advise students about academic choices, senior projects or whether or not the student has fulfilled the major requirements. For those issues, please contact Dr. Hageman.

ISM Scholarships

Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth's Undergraduate Fellows Scholarship
The Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth will award 80 scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year to incoming freshmen and current students majoring in international studies or global business. This scholarship supports students’ study of the Institute’s core areas of (1) international trade, investment, and immigration (2) innovation and entrepreneurship and (3) institutions and policy.  Students may reapply each year to receive the scholarship for up to four years as long as the recipient meets the renewal criteria of maintaining a 3.0 college GPA or higher, maintains a 2nd major of International Studies or Global Business, and attends Challey Institute events.

To Apply:
Freshmen: Apply online through Academic Works
Current Students: Apply online through Academic Works