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Get Started

Get Started

Congratulations on your interest in pursuing a life-changing study abroad experience! Simply follow the steps below to begin exploring the many program options available to NDSU students. (Not an NDSU Student?)

  1. Join a Get Started Session

    Held daily on Teams, these virtual sessions are an overview of study abroad options, program application processes, academic transfer options, and financial aid and scholarships. Also, meet a Peer Mentor, and ask questions about their experiences abroad. Use the "Sign Up Now" button below for instructions on how to join a session and to access our Get Started Guide. 

  2. Consider your goals for studying abroad and begin reviewing the options

    Read the Choosing a Study Abroad Program page to learn more about your options and start focusing your planning. We also recommend meeting with your Academic Advisor who can help you determine the best term to study abroad as well as possible coursework to take while away. You can also download a copy of the Study Abroad Brochure (818K PDF) which provides an excellent overview of the many exciting opportunities available for studying, interning, and volunteering around the world.

    After these initial steps have been completed, set up an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor who can help review your program preferences in more detail. Click here to access disability, gender, multicultural, and LGBTQA resources related to study abroad. You will also find also resources for non-traditional and veteran students.
  3. Select your program and apply

    Search for the program you've selected, and click the "Apply Now" button to login and begin your application. Follow all directions carefully, and be sure to complete the application in full prior to the program's deadline.

    Students applying to a program which is not listed on our website must complete the Non-NDSU Affiliated Program Application. More information is also available if you are planning to student teach abroad.